Privacy policy

Klarna betalningssätt - För att kunna erbjuda dig Klarnas betalmetoder kan vi i kassan komma att dela dina personuppgifter i form av kontaktuppgifter och orderinformation med Klarna, för att Klarna ska kunna bedöma om du kan välja betalmetoderna, samt för att anpassa dem för dig. Dina personuppgifter som delas behandlas enligt Klarnas egen dataskyddsinformation.

Why do you collect my data?

We use data to provide you with our services, to improve our products and services, to send you notifications, suggestions and advertisements.

How do you collect my data?

When you send it directly to us, buying our products, leaving your contacts or through the website using cookies and similar technologies, and we can also collect data from third parties, as described below.

What information do you collect about me?

We can collect such information as your name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number in order to deliver your parcels exactly to you, and in some cases, if you voluntarily send this data, then we also collect information about your birth, sex, size and clothing preferences, so that we can send relevant and non-spam information - for example, discounts for your birthday.

Do you pass my data on?

We transfer your data only for the provision of services to you (Delivery Service), for developing new services (to email service providers) and improving the efficiency of our service (google / facebook analytics).

What are my rights regarding to my data?

You can ask what data about you we keep, correct your personal data, delete your personal data that is no longer needed for processing. You can refuse to receive marketing messages and determine the collection or use of your data.

Our Privacy Policy

We, "ADV Agency" SIA, respect your privacy and undertake to uphold your right to legal processing and protection of your personal data. Our privacy policy gives you a clear explanation of the use of your personal data or any other data that we can get about you.

You can be sure that we protect the information we collect.

This privacy policy is updated from time to time, so it should be periodically reviewed. The last time we made changes to our privacy policy on May 24th, 2018.


We use the information we collect to provide you services, improve our products and services, support and send notifications, suggestions and advertisements to protect your rights and interests, and to comply with the law.

We use information about you in order to: 

  • process your proposals and provide you with our services;
  • identify and prevent any fraud, money laundering or similar criminal activity;
  • communicate with you, informing you of any changes concerning us, our services and your order;
  • ensure and improve the quality of our services;
  • manage and improve our website, keep it safe and ensure that the content is shown to you on any device in the most effective way;
  • develop and offer new services;
  • for statistical and marketing research, to measure or understand the effectiveness of advertising that we provide to you and others, and to provide you with relevant advertising;
  • advertising (on websites and mobile applications, by mail, email, mobile phone or SMS) services of our company, including customize our offer, considering your personal choice. 

We collect information in three ways: 

  1. When you provide us with information, for example, on-site filling out our applications (including filling out applications from our partners and agents), on our websites, using social networks, mail, email, phone, "online conversation" or any other services.
  2. Automatically when you use our website…
  3. …and make purchases in our system. 

Most of our automatic information collection is done using things like cookies, pixels and similar technologies. 


The information you provide us. 

We can collect all the information that you provide to us: 

  • By registering on our website, after filling out any form or making a purchase.
  • When you report a problem or contact us about our products or services.
  • When you participate in discussion forums, comment on our blog or use other social networking features on our website and on other social networks.
  • When you participate in any giveaway, advertisement or survey.
  • If, you have contacted us previously for any other reason by indicated methods. 

The information you provide to us may include: your name (and last name), address, email address and phone numbers, date of your birthday, gender. We store the information you provide to us and we can use it in the ways above. 

Information we collect about you automatically.

After each of your visits to the website, we can automatically collect the following information: 

  • Technical information, including the type of device used for the Internet connection, the type and version of your browser, the time zone settings, browser types and versions, operating system and platform, location (country / city);
  • Information about your visit, including full URLs (URLs), clicks on and off the website (including the date and time); Products that you have looked at or searched for; links / output pages, files viewed on our website (for example, HTML pages, graphics, etc.), page response time, download errors, time of browsing specific pages. Also, read  "How do you collect my data?" 

How long do you store my data? 

Usually we do not store your personal information longer than necessary, taking into account the purpose of data collection, usually to fulfill our contractual obligations to you, to fulfill our legitimate interests or in accordance with the statutory storage terms. Your data is used within the legal deadlines, or even less, depending on whether we see any mutual benefit for this. (We stop sending outliers / advertisements to those who do not read / do not open / is not interested / refuse mails on their own.) 


We may transfer your information to certain third parties in order to fulfill our agreement with you in other purposes described in this policy: 

  • Those, who provide services for your identification and authentication (payment systems);
  • Those, who help our activities, for example, those, who work for the development of web hosting, customers’ service, provides an analysis of our services, assists in marketing activities;
  • To offer and provide services and develop new ones;
  • At any time when it’s required by law, we can provide information about the uses of our services and about your visits to our website, for example, to comply with laws and legal processes, we believe that the provision of information is necessary to protect your rights, protect your safety or the security of others, prevent and investigate fraud or respond to a government request;
  • We can share your data with analytics and search engine services that help us optimize and improve our website.
  • Your information can be fully or partially transferred as a result of the sale of our company.
  • For other purposes, listed in the section "WHY DO YOU GET MY DATA?" 

By transmitting data, we strive to ensure that the recipient of data performs the same guarantees for the storage and processing of personal data as we do, and requests new requirements for GDP. 

Your personal data can be processed, stored and transferred to third parties in the manner and in the amount required by this Privacy Policy and the agreement that you give us voluntarily from time to time. 

The processing (including storage) of the data we collect for you may take place outside your country or in the European Economic Area, for example, in the United States. Our transmitted information can be disclosed to our service providers. This can include processes such as payment processing, data collection for our websites and services, advertising goals (including advertising depending on the client's behavior) or providing support for your services or product needs. 

We take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 


You have the following rights: 

  • Request access to your personal information;
  • Receive your personal information in a structured, generally accepted and machine-readable format (data portability);
  • Request the removal of personal data in our system (the right to be forgotten);
  • Refuse to process your personal data or limit the processing of personal data.

- In particular, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

- If your personal data processing is based on your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time. Your feedback will not affect the legitimacy of the processing process performed before your consent is revoked. You have the right to refuse (or cancel) the receipt of our newsletter, text message or similar advertising at any time in your user profile on our website or by contacting us. At the end of each sales letter, we will provide a link to cancel our offer.

  • Request correction of data or limiting the processing of personal data. 

Ways how to use your rights: 

Contact us by e-mail and ask for the information that interests you or leave apply for its’ deleting. 


We may change this Privacy Policy at any time, and we will indicate the date of the last update of this Privacy Policy. If significant changes have occurred, we will try to warn you when possible. 

We made the following changes to our Privacy Policy: 

  • Updated information on why we collect your personal data;
  • How you use your data-related rights. 

Please contact us for any questions, inquiries or comments that may arise about our Privacy Policy, or how we process your data, by e-mail or by phone +468 43737558

You can also contact us by mail: 

Data Protection Specialist

SIA "ADV Agecny"

Zemes street 10

Riga, LV-1082



Our websites and products may contain links to extraneous websites. These third-party websites have their own Privacy Policy. If you visit these sites, you are exposed to their politicians. 

What are cookies?

Cookies are the small files that are stored on your device and used for statistics to improve the functionality of websites and much more. 

How do we use cookies? 

We use cookies or similar technologies to analyze trends, manage the Internet site, track the activity of users on the Internet site and collect demographic information about our database of users in general. 


We auto-collection of certain information for analyzing trends in general and managing our website, products and services. 

Our policy on cookies and tracking? 

ADV Agecny  team respect your privacy and undertake to uphold your right to legal processing and protection of your personal data. Our policy on cookies and tracking gives you a clear explanation of how cookies and other tracking technologies are used on our websites, products and services. 


A cookie is a small file that is downloaded and stored on your device when you visit a website. It contains data about particular visitor and website. Cookies are used by almost all Internet sites and can be used for several purposes, for example, to remember your online shopping options and to compile website statistics. 


We use cookies or similar technologies to analyze trends, manage the Internet site, track the activity of users on the Internet site and collect demographic information about our database of users in general. Cookies are information elements that a Web site sends to a web browser. The browser stores this information in a file on your device. Cookies allow visitors to navigate the website and (if it’s applicable) allow us to customize the website and its content for the needs of the visitor and improve the user's visit. If the cookie function is not activated, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the website and its intended purpose. The cookies we use on our website do not store data that could directly identify you. The collected cookie data will not be transferred to third parties. No personal information will be transmitted to identify you. 

We use cookies on our sites as follows: 

  • We use cookies to protect our customers and prevent any fraud actions.
  • We also use cookies to find out how users come to our website and learn how they use it - it helps us improve the quality of the services you provide. For example, we use Google Analytics, the popular online performance analysis service provided by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies to help us analyze how visitors use our site. For more information about using cookies, read the Google Privacy Policy. Similar services that we also use are provided on Facebook and Linkedin platforms, whose policies are viewed by clicking on the hyperlink here: Facebook Linkedin
  • We use cookies to track and manage traffic on the website.
  • We also use cookies in our advertising campaigns and promotions and determine their success. This helps us to improve the design and structure of the site, as well as a range of suggestions and incentives. 

We use two types of cookies on our website: 

  • Session cookies. These are temporary ones that are only active when the user of the computer accesses the website (actually, when the user leaves the website and closes the browser). Session cookies help our website remember the steps that the visitor made on the previous page, thus eliminating the need to re-enter information.
  • Persistent cookies. These ones remain on the visitor's computer after visiting our website. Persistent cookies help us identify you as a unique visitor (storing this information as a random number). The length of time that this cookie remains on the user's computer will depend on the type of cookie.

 Confirmation of the use of cookies. 

Before using our website, we must obtain your consent to use cookies. Therefore, our website has a pop-up window that informs you about the use of cookies, and you will be asked to accept cookies by clicking "OK". If you do not agree to use the cookies, but continue to use the website, it is still your agreement to use cookies. 

Managing and deleting of cookies. 

We do not use cookies to collect personal information about individual users. 

If you want to limit or block cookies on our website or on any other website, you can do this by changing the settings of your Internet browser. For example, you can block all cookies, accept only cookies from the third parties or delete all the cookies, leaving the browser. To learn more about this function, use the "Help" function of your browser. For information about how to delete cookies from your mobile device's browser, see the device user’s guide. Please, note that some of our services will not work if you block or delete cookies. 


Like most websites do, we collect certain information automatically. We collect this information for trends’ analysis and in general, to manage our website, products and services.

Following the web pages visited by our user on a particular website, we are not going to collect personal information about online activities over time and extraneous web sites or online services. Accordingly, we do not currently process or cannot "track" any other web browser or other mechanisms that allow consumers to make choices about collecting personal information about your online activities over time and on other sites. In addition, we knowingly do not authorize third parties to collect personal information about your online activities over time and on different websites while you use our websites. 

We work with third parties to display ads on our website or manage our ads on other sites. Our partner - an outside organization can use cookies or similar technologies to provide you with advertising based on your activity in the browser. If you want to opt out of interest-based advertising, click here or, if you are in the EU here. Please note that you will continue to receive general ads (these are ads that are not configured taking your interests and actions into account).